Third Party

This module contains third party code that I used from outside in support of this.

This file contains third party support code that I have used from elsewhere. I have cited them appropriately where ever needed

lenet.third_party.put_kernels_on_grid(kernel, pad=1, name='visualizer')[source][source]

Visualize convolutional filters as an image (mostly for the 1st layer). Arranges filters into a grid, with some paddings between adjacent filters.

  • kernel – tensor of shape [Y, X, NumChannels, NumKernels] (HWCN)
  • pad – number of black pixels around each filter (between them)
  • name – name for tensorflow scope

Tensor of shape [1, (Y+2*pad)*grid_Y, (X+2*pad)*grid_X, NumChannels].


This is not my method. This was written by kukurza and was hosted at: